Fundamentals for Phlebotomy Technicians: All Modules + RPT Practice Exam

Fundamentals for Phlebotomy Technicians is a review course to help individuals prepare for the Registered Phlebotomy Technician Certification Examination. This course includes an introduction module, six content modules, and two attempts at the RPT Practice Exam.


Each content module contains knowledge checks, a quiz, resources, and references. Modules do not need to be completed in one sitting.

Module 0: Introduction 

This module reviews how to navigate the course, describes the module structure, and lists other resources to prepare for the phlebotomy technician certification exam.

Module 1: Introduction to Phlebotomy

This module reviews the definition of phlebotomy and the job-related tasks and skills, describes a phlebotomist’s schedule and when issues need to be escalated to upper management, and reviews medical terminology using a prefix, suffix, word root, and combining vowel.

Module 2: Professional Communication and Conduct

This module reviews communication skills, patient education, special test requirements, proper telephone etiquette, and the importance of professional conduct and appearance standards.

Module 3: Laboratory Regulations, Standards, and Safety

This module reviews how regulatory agencies and standard-setting organizations impact laboratory quality assurance, legal considerations such as liability, malpractice, and confidentiality, patient complications and ways to manage them, infection control procedures and isolation techniques, and laboratory safety standards and procedures.

Module 4: Anatomy and Physiology

This module reviews the anatomy and physiology of the human body related to phlebotomy.

Module 5, Part A Specimen Collection

This module reviews specimen integrity, commonly used phlebotomy equipment, collection tubes and the order of draw, special patient considerations and test requirements, the routine venipuncture process, and the capillary draw process.

Module 5, Part B Specimen Collection

This module reviews how to employ handling practices to maintain specimen integrity for non-blood specimens, describes non-blood specimens and how to collect them, and reviews CLIA-waived tests and common point-of-care tests.

Module 6: Specimen Handling, Transporting, and Processing

This module reviews specimen handling regarding temperature, time, and light requirements, the preanalytical phase, transporting specimens, specimen processing, and the various departments found within a clinical laboratory and their common tests.


Jason Wheeler, DHSc., MBA, RPT, RMA, CMAS, AHI
Lori Schmidt, MS, SBB, MT(ASCP)
Cynthia Doby, EdD, MS, MAEd, BS, MLS(AMT), CPT(NPA)

Launched: 2023

NOTE:  This does NOT count for CCP points.  This is a review course for those preparing to take the RPT Certification Exam and want to review Clinical information. 

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