Phlebotomy Follies (CE: 1.0)



A light-hearted look at preanalytical error through humorous memes, photos, and illustrations.  Preanalytical error, errors that occur up to actual testing of a sample, account for roughly 67% of laboratory error.  These are generally caused by the patient, the healthcare worker collecting or processing the specimen, anyone transporting a specimen, or anyone or anything touching the specimen.  This session will discuss causes of preanalytical error and methods to avoid them.      


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify preanalytical errors in specimen collection, processing and transportation as illustrated in photos and memes.
  • Explain methods to avoid and correct preanalytical errors.
  • Describe ways to be proactive about preventing preanalytical errors.



Jeffrey Lavender, MBA, MT (AMT)

Launched: 2018