Prevention of Patients' Combative Behavior (CE: 0.5)


This course is designed to educate healthcare providers (HCP) and caregivers on how to recognize, understand and prepare for combative behavior from the patient. The goal is to keep patients and the HCP safe while providing quality care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Handling combative patients in healthcare
  • Understanding challenging behavior
  • Significant causes of combative behavior
  • Severe forms of combative behavior
  • How to handle combative behavior
  • Recommended strategies to treat combative behavior
  • Dealing with combative patients in long term facilities
  • Senior combative patients
  • Causes of combativeness in seniors
  • What should caregivers do to prevent combativeness in seniors?

Launched: 2023

Additional Information:

No Refunds

Expiration Date - 12 months from the date of the first-course launch