Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare Workers (CE: 0.5)

This course introduces the student to what bloodborne pathogens are, how to reduce the risk of exposure, and precautionary practices that are recommended by OSHA and the CDC. This course is a must for anyone who has contact with infectious or potentially infectious bodily fluids and materials.

Learning Objectives:  

  • List the basic components of OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard.
  • Describe three common bloodborne diseases and their modes of transmission.
  • Identify several types of personal protective equipment (PPE), engineering controls, and work practices that can help to decrease your risk of exposure.
  • Recognize warning labels.
  • Define an exposure incident and describe the follow-up required.

Launched: 2021

Additional Information:

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Expiration Date - 12 months from the date of the first-course launch