2021AM: Personalized Medicine (CE: 1.0)


This session will cover the vital role of pre-analytical specialists in sample collection for molecular diagnostics. Topics covered will be an overview of sample collection for infectious disease testing, paternity testing and for pharmacogenomics. This session will discuss preservation of specimen integrity, specimen handling, positive patient identification and the information needed for the laboratory. Emphasis will be made on interfering substances from pre-analytical testing in molecular diagnostics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify at least one interfering substance that affects molecular testing. 
  • Enumerate the different areas of the clinical laboratory performing these tests. 
  • Identify at least one test that is vital in personalized medicine.


Carlo Ledesma, MS, SH(ASCP), CM, QLSCM, MT(ASCPi), MT(AMT)

Launched: 2021