2021AM: Phlebotomy and Antibiotic Stewardship (CE: 1.0)


The session will discuss the role of phlebotomists in quality management. The session will discuss emerging pathogens that are implicated in blood culture draws. The discussion will involve the national benchmark established to reduce blood culture contamination. The session will also cover the different pathogens implicated in the blood culture collection. Previously called normal microbiota, some organisms are implicated with bacteremia and bacterial endocarditis. This session will cover different methods for blood culture collection and new technologies to aid phlebotomists in the reduction of the normal microbiota.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and enumerate at least two pathogens associated with bacteremia that were previously considered normal microbiota.
  • List and enumerate new technologies to aid the phlebotomist in the blood culture collection
  • Identify the national benchmark for blood culture contamination rate.


Carlo Ledesma, MS, SH (ASCP), CM, QLSCM, MT (ASCPi), MT (AMT)

Launched: 2021