2021AM: Variability within Phlebotomy - A Look at the Total Testing Process (CE: 1.0)


Reducing errors and performance improvement are standard practices within the laboratory industry. We are asked to examine the Total Testing Process, consisting of the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of laboratory testing. But what if we drill down and focus only on the sub process of phlebotomy, to examine variables in pre-collection, collection, and post-collection within phlebotomy? This session will focus on identifying where errors may occur and how errors can be prevented within the total testing process of phlebotomy.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the factors that influence pre-analytical variables in specimen collection, processing, and handling. 
  • Identify pre-analytical sources of error. 
  • Describe the impact on established guidelines, procedures, and techniques for proper venipuncture, specimen collection, processing, and handling.


Beth Warning, MLS(ASCP)cm, AHI(AMT)

Launched: 2021