STEP 481: Case Study: Gram-Positive Bacilli Bacteremia, Real or Contaminant? (CE: 1.0)


This article provides an overview of a case study of a 12-month-old with a history of blocked bile ducts and splenic malformation syndrome that was admitted for a liver transplant. Following the procedure, the patient suffered acute kidney injury, clinical seizures, and need for additional surgeries for biliary duct reconstruction. The authors describe the treatment process for the resulting infection.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe a case study related to Gram-positive bacilli
  • Identify testing procedures and treatment processes for the resulting infection
  • Contrast antimicrobial agents and therapeutic techniques used to treat the infection


Morgan Turner, MLS(ASCP)CM 

Joel E. Mortensen, PhD

Natalie Givens, MSN, APRN

Launched: 2021