STEP 477: Recognizing Cytokine Storm Syndrome in COVID-19 Patients (CE: 1.0)


As the COVID-19 pandemic captured worldwide attention, researchers started noticing a peculiar occurrence with certain patients. Typically, when the body encounters the virus, the immune system recognizes an assailant, and it immediately goes into action, resulting in recovery without hospitalization. However, in some instances, there is a hyper response of the immune system, referred to as the Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS). CSS occurs when a COVID-19 patient’s immune system kicks into overdrive when fighting the virus. This article discusses how to recognize CSS within COVID-19 patients.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS).
  • Identify signs of CSS in COVID-19 patients.
  • Discuss diagnostic testing of CSS.



Kathy Sutton, MT (AMT), MLS (ASCP)

Mary P. Hudson, MPH, BSN, RN


Launched: 2020