Step 474: Case Study: Trichophyton Soudanese: Identification of an unusual cause of Tinea Capitis in an international adoptee (CE: 1.0)


The identification of dermatophyte fungal infections has historically been based upon specific phenotypic characteristics. The rise of international travel, significant changes in fungal taxonomy, and additional molecular methods in the clinical laboratory setting have provided new opportunities and challenges in the identification of dermatophytes. This article presents a case study of a 7-year-old girl born in Ethiopia to HIV-positive parents.


Learning Objectives:

  • Reflect on a case study showcasing T. soudanense
  • Describe the clinical appearance of infection with T. soudanense
  • Outline testing methods for T. soudanense



Sandra R Haffner, MS, MT (ASCP), SM (AAM),

Eleanor A. Powell, Ph.D.,

Joel E. Mortensen, Ph.D.,

Jason T. Blackard, Ph.D.


Launched: 2020