MA Review - Module 3: Clinical Lessons

In this course, Medical Assistant Review Course Module III: Clinical, there are three lessons and a final exam. In this module, the content covered is OSHA, safety, asepsis, sterilization, medical instruments, blood components, specimen collection, lab values/procedures, vital signs and mensuration, ECG, clinical pharmacology, emergency response/first aid and ergonomics. Each lesson will have a presentation to listen and follow along with.  Then you will be able to take a short 10 point quiz that covers the material presented in the lesson presentation.  You are able to start and stop the presentation as well as come back to as often as you wish.

You will also have access to be able to attempt the Final Exam a total of 4 attempts.    

NOTE:  This does NOT count for CCP points.  This is a review module for those preparing to take the RMA Certification Exam and want to review Clinical information.