STEP 327: HPV Infection to HPV Vaccine: A Preventive Medicine Breakthrough or Political Polemic (CE: 1.0)


Our understanding of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and its consequences has increased greatly over the past few decades. Screening technologies such as liquid-based cytology and HPV DNA testing is available to help clinicians distinguish between transient infection, which is benign, and persistent infection with high-risk HPV types, which may lead to cervical cancer. Vaccines designed to prevent the acquisition of specific HPV types have been at the forefront not only within the confines of our clinical setting but transcends across the political arena. This article discusses HPV in detail.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define HPV
  • Discuss risk factors for HPV
  • Discuss screening methods for HPV



Joseph H. Balatbat, RMA, RPT


Launched: 2007