Managing Hypertension (CE: 1.0)


Hypertension, "the silent killer," is a preventable contributor to death and disease leading to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure when not detected early and treated appropriately. Hypertension is very rarely presented with symptoms, so properly detecting hypertension is vital for optimal patient outcomes. Based on current guidelines, this session will provide allied health professionals with information regarding diagnostic tests and techniques, current treatment options, and tips and tricks for working with this patient population. Topics include proper techniques for taking a blood pressure, 'white coat syndrome' and what to do about it, patient teaching about diet and exercise, and commonly prescribed drugs.


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how hypertension is diagnosed.
  • Identify best practices for taking an accurate blood pressure reading.
  • Define "white coat syndrome" and its impact in diagnosing hypertension.
  • Describe healthy lifestyle changes for treating hypertension.
  • Discuss commonly prescribed medications for treating hypertension.



Anna Jannak, RN, APN, MSN, FNP-C

Launched: 2019