2016AM: Biomarkers in Heart Failure and Acute Kidney Injury (CE: 1.0)


This program discusses the incidence and implications of acute kidney injury (AKI), including new biomarkers that can predict patient risk for AKI, which could allow physicians to intervene and potentially avoid the morbidity and mortality associated with the condition. Also discussed are heart failure biomarkers and their advantages and limitations in heart failure patients being treated with the new heart failure drug ENTRESTO.


Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the importance of early diagnosis of acute kidney injury.
  • Detail relevant biomarkers and a new diagnostic tool for predicting acute kidney injury.
  • Describe strategies that can be used to enhance a laboratory's value in diagnosing acute kidney injury.
  • Name biomarkers used in heart failure assessment, and the strengths and limitations of each biomarker.



Robert A. Elverson, MMGT, BS MT(ASCP)

Launched: 2016